Four Frames Approach


Four Frames method is the logical comprehensive history assessment in the clinical area.

  1. Presenting Complaint
    1. History of Present Condition
    2. System Review
    3. Check the Red Flag (is there any bleeding associated with the present condition)
  2. Past Medical History, Drugs and Allergies
    1. Drugs: POM, OTC, Recreational
    2. Allergies: Drugs, Penicillin, Foods, Pets, Seasonal
  3. Social and Family History (Lifestyle Factors)
    1. Smoker, Alcohol drinker (how many do they consumed per day)
    2. Occupation of the Patient.
    3. Effect of condition in life and to their activities of daily living
    4. Family health history (Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma)
  4. Ideas, Concerns, Expectations
    1. Check the patient’s knowledge about the condition.
    2. Ask for further concerns or clarification.
    3. (Do you have any other information for me?)
    4. (Do you have any questions for me?)