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Rule of Nines


Total body surface area (TBSA) is an assessment used to identify the severity of an injury or diseases of the skin, such as burns or psoriasis. Only in adults that The Rule of Nines can be used. this is to determine the total percentage of area burned for a specific section of the body.

Rule of Nines:

  • HEAD                                             9 %
  • CHEST                                           9 %
  • ABDOMEN                                     9 %
  • UPPER BACK                                 9 %
  • LOWER BACK                                9 %
  • ANTERIOR LEG (each)                 9 %
  • POSTERIOR LEG (each)               9 %
  • ENTIRE ARM (each)                     9 %
  • GENITALIA/PERINEUM               1 %

Rule of Palms:

The surface area of the patient Palm represents 1% of the total body surface area (TBSA). This technique is also used to measure and estimate the size of the body surface area that was burned.


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